How to get in touch

You can reach me through various forms of social media (I use Email, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Google+). Or you can use my website contact form (found on my contact page), all links are at the bottom of this page.

How much do you charge?

Charges vary based on type of photography and how many hours you'd like to hire me for. I am very competitively priced, so please provide some details on the form below or give me a ring and I be able to provide a quote.

Where are you based?

I'm based in Newcastle the North East, but I spend much of time in London, so those are my primary shooting locations. However anywhere within the UK and Europe is possible. Oh especially the South West, as that is where I'm from, and it's a great excuse to visit my folks, family and friends.

Being a lover of light, and how to shape it, I don't limit myself to particular genre. If you look at my instagram account, you'll get a quick and instant feel of how I view the world through my lens. I mostly photograph weddings, babies, sports and natural portraits. By natural portraits, I mean non-studio.


WHAT do you PHOTOGRaph?

Everyone likes to work with people they like, so if you think we're a great fit after we've met, "happy days", as my brother would say. If not, that's ok, there is someone out there for everyone to capture those important moments for you on camera.


How do you select clients?