All About Me


Photography to me is about framing a moment in time, so you can look back on it and evoke memories and emotions of when you were there. For others it should draw you in and to make you smile, laugh, or even cry, and thinking a, “wish I was there” type of feeling.

I love texture and detail and that hopefully shows in my photography. Sometimes the smallest or simple things provide the most interest.

My photography style is all about keeping it as natural as possible regardless of what I photograph, I am a purist, which means I spend more time behind the camera than I do post-processing photos after.

This means once I get it right in camera, I do very little when post-processing afterwards. I do all types of photograph, but not limited to: wedding, sport, portrait, baby, pets. I have a relaxed approach and do my utmost to capture unposed natural photographs.

When shooting a wedding, I'm sometimes mistaken as a guest, as I do like to blend in to help the bride and groom enjoy the day as much as I always do.

If you'd like more information, drop me a line or send me an email using the links below. If you’d like to see some more of my work, or just like my pictures, please feel free to follow me on any of the following social feeds below.


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